Duniaorganic.com is an online store that offers a wide selection of Polish cosmetics with simple and natural ingredients. Its founder was Klaudia, who works as a dental assistant in one of the Scottish cities. The inspiration behind Dunia Organic came from Klaudia’s patients, who emphasize a healthy lifestyle and choose natural and ecological products. This passion and concern for well-being led Klaudia to create her own online business, where she promoted only products of natural origin in the UK.

The name Dunia Organic has a simple origin – it comes from the name of the owner, Klaudia, and a childhood nickname, “Dunia.” This nickname, which has been used within the closest circle of friends and family for years, now takes on a new dimension as Klaudia decided to share her knowledge and passion with a wider audience. Thus, Klaudia joyfully expanded her circles to share her experiences and promote natural products with you in the UK!


Dunia Organic Has a New Owners: Continuing Passion with FAB TRADE GROUP

With passion and determination, Klaudia ran her business, constantly expanding and enriching the offering with new products on the Dunia Organic website. Thanks to her efforts, the online drugstore has attracted many loyal customers in the UK, who have enjoyed shopping at Dunia for years and have no intention of changing that.

However, as life goes on, it’s time for changes. Klaudia made the decision to pass on her company to her trusted business partners. From now on, the online drugstore with Polish cosmetics, Dunia Organic, is under the care of the renowned company FAB TRADE GROUP. The new owners have set themselves the goal of continuing Klaudia’s vision, focusing on cosmetics and supplements with natural, ecological ingredients.

Promoting Natural Polish Cosmetics:
Online Store Mission in UK

As a store, our main goal is to promote Polish, natural cosmetics so that residents of the United Kingdom can experience their quality firsthand (literally!). We want to show that what comes from Poland is unique and worthy of attention.

Additionally, we aim to provide Poles living abroad with the opportunity to purchase high-quality natural products straight from their home country.

Collaborating with small businesses that are just starting their journey and put their hearts into creating their products is incredibly important to us. We value minimalism and attention to detail, making our offering unique and carefully curated.