As in every company around the world, there is person behind the Dunia Organic’s brand. The owner and founder is Klaudia, who is currently working as a dental assistant in Aberdeen, Scotland. Inspired by patients who came to remove amalgam fillings, she opened an online store that sells natural and organic cosmetics. All these patients, with their stories about their natural way of life, convinced Klaudia to open her own business.

Dunia Organic
Shop Beginnings and Brand Name

Klaudia always wanted to open something of her own, and the decision of creating the store opened the door to the New World – the world in harmony with nature. Since then, Klaudia has been exploring information about natural and organic cosmetics to create her own line in the future.

Where does the name come from? It’s simple, from the owner’s name: Klaudia. Dunia is a childhood pseudonym which, to this day, operates in the circle of her closest friends and family. As you see, Dunia has decided to broaden her circles somewhat and share their knowledge and passion with you!

Organic and Natural Cosmetics
Online store in UK

As of today, as a store, we focus on cosmetics from Polish manufacturers, because we would like people living in Great Britain to be able to see for themselves
that polish natural products are simply great!

We would also like to give Polish brands the opportunity to introduce their organic and natural cosmetics in UK.

We like to cooperate with small companies that have not yet been discovered by the world and that make every effort to create their products.

Minimalism and diligence are something that we like the most!