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Anwen UK – conscious care for you

Anwen UK – innovative haircare cosmetics – revolutionized the market, showing that you can take care of your hair in a more conscious way in the comfort of your own home. The owner of the brand was the first to teach Polish women what hair porosity is and why it is worth paying attention to it when choosing the right cosmetics for yourself.

Today, practically each of us understands terms such as PEH balance or hair porosity, and more and more often we make conscious choices when buying cosmetics that are right for our hair.

Results? Beautiful, silky, healthy care and thousands of happy customers.

Anwen brand at Dunia’s in the UK

In our store you will find a wide range of their cosmetics, because we also love beautiful, healthy-looking hair. Among them: masks, shampoos, conditioners, oils, as well as hair elastics, bath bombs and candles that will make your home SPA more pleasant.

It is worth mentioning here that Dunia is a proud main distributor of Anwen products for the whole UK. What does it mean for you? We are always stocked up. The cosmetics are ready to be shipped from our warehouse in the UK and you will get them cheaper from us.

Natural products in the UK

If you’ve heard of these products, you’ve heard terms like PEH balance, hair porosity, but you’re not sure what it all means. Our Instagram is full of knowledge about natural care for hair, face and body. We cordially invite you to like it, where we not only teach you how to holistically take care of yourself, but also you will be up to date with our news and promotions.

Not sure which porosity your hair has? Try this guide.

A few words about hair porosity

In short hair porosity is all about the angle of your hair cuticles.

If your hair has low porosity, which is the healthiest state, the cuticles are close together.

Medium porosity means that your cuticles are less tightly bound, and high porosity means that your hair is dry, damaged and the cuticles are widely spaces.

You might be asking yourself now why would that be important? Well, new generation hair products like Anwen UK are created from ingredients that will work perfectly on your type of hair, e.g. those ingredients would have the right size to penetrate through your cuticles and nourish the core of your hair.

PEH balance with Anwen

Now you know what hair porosity is, but that’s not enough. Time to understand the PEH balance.

PEH are the main types of ingredients your hair needs to be strong and healthy. P stands for proteins that are responsible for hair building, restoring their strength and regenerating them.

Probably, by now you know that these types of ingredients are crucial when you are the owner of high porosity hair. Common examples of proteins that you will find in haircare products are keratin, egg protein, wheat protein etc.

E stands for emollients. These ingredients are responsible for smoothing your hair, building a protective layer on the surface and keeping the moisture inside. Examples of emollients are natural oils or different types of waxes.

Last but not least, H stands for humectants that are responsible for moisturizing your hair. Among them you will find glycerine, urea, honey or vitamin E.

Sounds complicated?

Don’t worry, Anwen haircare products not only are divided by hair porosity, but also by ingredients to help you make conscious choices for your hair.

Not sure how to balance them out?

As each of us is different, the same applies to hair – it is always best to test different products and different ingredients until you find perfect balance for your hair.


We share their values, i.e. we take care not only of our hair, but also of the planet, which is our common home. Therefore, these cosmetics are available in packaging made of easily recyclable raw materials such as glass, metal or cardboard boxes. Tubes of hair conditioners are made of PCR – a recycled material that is 100% recyclable.