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OnlyBio UK – natural cosmetics from Poland

The OnlyBio brand probably doesn’t need to be introduced to anyone. It has been one of the top producers of natural cosmetics on the Polish cosmetics market for some time now. Therefore, we are very happy to have such a wide range of their products in our drugstore with natural products in the UK.

Company values and philosophy

OnlyBio cosmetics are not just products, but a whole philosophy. The manufacturer claims 99% of the ingredients are of natural origin. You won’t find parabens, SLES or other harmful chemicals in them. The cosmetics are vegan, which is confirmed by certifications including Ecocert, so both vegans and vegetarians can use them without having to worry.

The OnlyBio brand is a perfect combination of taking what’s best from nature and using modern technologies. Their products are created under the watchful eye of Prof. cosmetologist Tomasz Wasilewski, who makes sure that each product is not only as natural as possible, but above all effective.

Care for your face naturally

The extensive OnlyBio UK assortment in the online drugstore at Dunia’s will include cosmetics tailored to the needs of every skin type. Among several interesting lines, you’ll find, for example, Bakuchiol&Squalane, the perfect duo of plant-based retinol and lipids. This line will work well for mature skin, with imperfections, dry skin, as well as for problems with hyperpigmentation.

Another line that will do a great job with different types skin problems is Face in Balance. It was based on a wealth of natural ingredients, including adaptogens, or plants with beneficial (and scientifically proven) effects on our bodies.

For those of you who can’t deal with acne, we recommend a natural line whose main ingredient is kombucha, an effervescent tea with healing properties that have been known to natural medicine for centuries.

And if you suffer from dry, dehydrated skin, reach for the Hydra Moctail line, which hydrates and nourishes the skin. This line is suitable as well for the normal type of skin.

Conscious hair care with OnlyBio

Some of the most popular cosmetics from Onlybio are those for hair. They are distinguished by a wealth of natural active ingredients and a porosity division, i.e. the perfect match of masks, conditioners and oils to the needs of your hair type.

In addition to the products mentioned above, the Hair Balance line includes other interesting offerings, such as an enzyme scalp scrub as well as the mechanical scrub, and an oil protecting hair endings.

For fans of hair oiling – latest trend in natural haircare – OnlyBio has oils suitable for different hair porosity types.

What else can you find in OnlyBio’s offer?

With OnlyBio in the UK, you will also take care of your body and intimate hygiene. Noteworthy is the Body in Balance line, available in several scents including almond, coconut or raspberry. The Ritaulia set will allow you to relax after a long day, create in your home a perfect SPA atmosphere.

And if you are a mum, we recommend 2 natural and safe to use series: from the first day of life and from the third year.