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Resibo UK – natural cosmetics created with passion
Resibo brand is one of the leaders in the Polish natural cosmetics market. At the moment, their products are present in 15 foreign markets, including the UK, thanks in part to our online drugstore.

This company caught our attention because of its refined, natural, vegan compositions and, most importantly, its proven effectiveness with thousands of delighted female customers.

The brand is also distinguished by attractive, original packaging and original naming of cosmetics, which is memorable.
A brief history of the Polish cosmetics brand.
Resibo was created thanks to Ewelina Kwit-Betlej. It was by trial and error that she created the first makeup remover oil for sensitive skin, which she first tried on herself and then gave to her closest friends. All of them – delighted with the results – wanted more, so Ewelina and her husband decided to risk their life savings to create a unique brand of natural cosmetics.
Natural cosmetics from Resibo at Duni’s.
We offer a wide range of cosmetics from this manufacturer. Many of our female customers return to our e-drogeries specifically for Resibo. The company initially specialized in natural facial cosmetics, but over time expanded its offerings to include hair and body products.

Among your favorite facial cosmetics is the Peace Maker moisturizing and soothing emulsion, which can be used for all skin types, but is especially recommended for those with sensitive skin.

Another recommendable product is Fresh Faced ‘s facial foam, which has a velvety texture and a very subtle green tea scent.

Customers also praise Game Changer Pro, a night cream with retinol, recommended for oily, combination and mature skin.

Fans of the natural look will love the BB creams, available in three shades, and the self-tanning tonic Have some tan!
Hair Cosmetics.
More recently, there have also been some great hair care products, including a daily shampoo or a strong cleansing shampoo that should be used once a week.

The conditioners are divided into PEH and so among them you will find a smoothing one with more emollients, a moisturizing one with humectants and a regenerating one with proteins.