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Sadowski’s Apiaries UK at Duni’s
Sadowski’s apiaries were established not so long ago, in 2009. And it all started with a townsperson who decided to work for a while seasonally, between high school graduation and college. This is how he learned about the bee kingdom and their noble work. Having the opportunity to interact with these remarkable creatures, he found his true passion in life. Already a year later he had 5 hives, and today Sadowski’s Apiaries is one of the largest and most rapidly developing beekeeping farms in Poland. As many as 150 million bees, inhabiting more than 3,000 hives, are working for the Sadowski family at the moment.

Dunia has always been fascinated not only with natural cosmetics, but also with healthy food, keeping in mind the quality of the food served to her loved ones. When Sadowski’s Apiaries joined our offer , we were beyond happy. Because their products are healthy, organic, Polish and, of course, delicious!
Delicious Sadowski honeys in our offer
In our assortment you will find both a wide range of traditional honeys and those with aromatic additives. They give Sadowski’s honeys beautiful colors, enhance the taste, and make them even more beneficial nutritional properties. Honey with black currant has a high content of vit C, which is great for immunity. You can make Muesli with it, sweeten your tea with it, or put it on a sandwich. The unusual combination of honey with ginger and garlic will be the perfect choice for winter or when your immunity drops. Fans of healthy sweets will certainly not be able to pass up honey with the addition of real cocoa and hazelnuts. It can be used to create delicious desserts that your kids (and other gluttons) will love.

You’ll find a wide variety of amazing flavors of Sadowski’s honeys, so we’re convinced that once you try it, you’ll always come back for it.
Healthy herbal teas from Sadowski’s
The Sadowski family is mainly associated with honey, but some time ago they expanded their offerings to include other healthy products. Among them are precisely the delicious teas that we are pleased to distribute in the UK.

If you need to relax, herbal tea from the forest will help. Its composition includes, among others. Strawberry leaf, elderflower or heather flower. This combination will certainly allow you to relax.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a beauty tea, bet on meadow tea, in which a combination of herbs supports the body’s cleansing processes and regulates the digestive system. The lineup includes. Nettle leaf, rosehip husk or red clover flower.

The last herbal tea from Sadowski’s Apiaries is this one from Orchard, a version for strengthening, recommended for weakness and fatigue. The lineup includes. rooibos, red currant fruit, blackberry leaf, black currant leaf.
Sadowski’s Apiaries UK as a gift
Sadowski’s Apiary has also prepared beautifully packaged honeys for fans of healthy and delicious food, which are perfect as gifts for both loved ones and those for whom we usually have trouble finding a suitable gift. Don’t know what to get your mother for her name day, or a colleague at work, and you’ve been chosen to buy her a gift during “Secret Santa”? An ideal idea in both cases would be, for example, honey with Raspberry from the Sadowski family apiary in a beautiful package and with a decorative spoon included.

You can also choose a set of two small honeys in different flavors with a decorative tag, or two other sets of healthy sweets.

You can find Sadowski’s honeys and more at Duni’s in the UK.