Miksohenna Katha – Acacia Katechu 100% 100g


Miksohenna Katha 100g

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Katha has long been used for hair coloring, as an additive for browns.

The color of miksokatha is simply brown. Neither warm nor cold, just neutral. It reminds me of the color Kalpi Tone. However, it is one pure herb, does not contain amla, and will be much safer to apply to the skin than Kalpi Tone. When diluted, it gives a sandy blonde slightly cooler than arjuna. When applied to henna it darkens and brings in the direction of browns.

Katha is used to restore shine, volume and to boost hair color. According to users, this herb also strengthens the hair shaft and makes it resistant to damage.


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Miksohenna conducts complex tests on each new batch of herbs. The time of year and therefore the weather during the period when the herbs (especially henna and indigo) are growing and being harvested – affects the final result of the coloring.
In addition to determining the primary color of the season’s herbs, Miksohenna tests the results of blends in different proportions. The most popular are cassia henna, indigo henna and many others.
In addition, the herbs are tested with various non-coloring additives. These affect the shade you can get and often dramatically change the result of herbal coloring.


The product is not tested on animals.