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Miksohenna Rubia

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Unlock Vibrant Hair Colours with Miksorubia – Your Natural Beauty Solution

Discover the Magic of Rubia Cordifolia for Gorgeous Hair Tones

Welcome to Miksorubia – your gateway to breathtaking hair colours. Meet Rubia Cordifolia, scientifically known for its potent colouring properties and part of the Marzanaceae family. Whether used alone or blended with other herbal dyes, Miksorubia’s dried ground roots offer an extraordinary way to colour your hair naturally.

Experience a Kaleidoscope of Colours with Miksorubia:

  1. Standalone Application (Perfect for Light Hair) – Begin with delicate, fruity shades like strawberry, peach, and cherry. Watch it evolve over time into deep browns with a red hue, eventually transforming into rich burgundy tones.
  2. Blend with Cassia or Cassia and Henna – Infuse your hair with enchanting strawberry shades, adding depth and dimension.
  3. Mix with Henna – Elevate your hair’s allure with vibrant red, fruity highlights that create a captivating multidimensional effect.
  4. Enhance Hendigo (Henna and Indigo Blend) – Add subtle red highlights for a touch of elegance.
  5. Fuse with Indigo – Infuse warmth into your hair, shifting it toward the allure of burgundy and purple undertones.

Why Miksohenna’s Herbs Are Your Best Choice:

  • Precisely Processed: Our Miksohenna herbs are meticulously ground and sieved, ensuring a finely textured powder that simplifies application and boosts colour release.
  • Join the Mixology Community: Have questions or uncertainties? Join the Henna for Hair Mixology group to connect with experts and fellow enthusiasts.
  • Extensive Colour Testing: Immerse yourself in comprehensive colour effect tests, supported by vivid photos, found in the Henna-blog Mixology article: “MIKSORUBIA (2020/2021): Preparation and Extensive Testing.”
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Seamless Preparation and Application:

  • User-Friendly Texture: Miksorubia’s powdery consistency streamlines mixing and application, catering to both pre-lightened and natural hair.
  • No Boiling Required: Bid farewell to boiling rituals – Miksorubia thrives without repeated reheating, saving time while maintaining colour integrity.
  • Acidification Insights: While acidification rarely impacts colour, avoid citric acid to prevent unexpected neon orange-red results.
  • Lasting Brilliance: Miksorubia holds firmly, resisting detergents to maintain vibrant, enduring colour.

Unraveling the Wonders of Rubia Cordifolia:

  • Optimal Application Time: For superior results, allow Miksorubia to grace your hair for 3 to 4 hours, or extend for intensified colours.
  • Gradual Colour Elevation: With each application, witness your shade evolve from initial tones to rich, dark browns with captivating red undertones.
  • Gentle Lightening: Effortlessly lighten Miksorubia for radiant results, minus the uncertainty often associated with chemical dyes.

Experience Hair Nourishment and Skin Benefits:

  • Conditioning Brilliance: Embrace Rubia Cordifolia’s conditioning prowess, adding volume and a lustrous shine to your hair.
  • Therapeutic Skin Marvels: Beyond hair, Rubia benefits your skin with its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, reducing swelling and restoring balance.

Miksorubia – Where Nature’s Palette Meets Your Beauty Desires.

(Note: Our products are never tested on animals.)


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