Indigo myxophene – Indigofera tinctoria 100% 100g


Indigofera tinctoria 100% Harvest date: September 2020

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Indigo myxohenna – Indigofera tinctoria 100%.

Miksoindygo, like Miksohenna, is ground to a fine powder and sifted wonderfully. No lumps or twigs – the highest quality.

It has fantastic performance due to its high dye content and remarkable durability. Tested under extreme conditions – 2 weeks in the tropical sun and ocean.

It didn’t fade or flush. Such a test, so far, has taken place twice.

An indispensable addition to henna to achieve darker shades.

Pure – dyes to black. Acquired after several applications, it gives dark blue reflections.

All Miksohenna herbs are carefully ground and perfectly sieved. 25% of the plant material is left on the screens. The powdery texture of Miksohenny’s products makes the herbs easy to apply and rinse off. It also affects the power of coloring – the dye is more easily released.

Check the blog to see what color you will get – Mixology.

Indigo myxophene – Indigofera tinctoria 100% has a capacity of 100g.

It is worth remembering that the final result of coloring with herbs is determined by:
1) The freshness of the herbs and the weather during their growth and harvest.
2) Non-color additives used in the mix.
3) Color additives used in the mix.
4) The color of the hair we will dye with herbs. It makes a huge difference, for example, whether it is our natural color – on previously chemically colored hair the results will most likely be different.
5) The water that we wash our hair with and that we will use to prepare the herbal paste. Hard will most likely lead to the build-up of minerals and these can change the shade you get on your hair. In the case of cassia – “algae” or shades of green may appear on light-colored unchelated hair.

You can learn a lot of useful information directly on the Mixology website.

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Miksoindigo, like any indigo, lightened chemically will give a GREEN color. It can also green chemically dyed or bleached hair if we don’t have a henna primer on it. Chemically colored or bleached hair should be dyed in two stages (henna first, then indigo) if we want to use indigo in our coloring project.
Miksohenna conducts complex tests on each new batch of herbs. The time of year and therefore the weather during the period when the herbs (especially henna and indigo) are growing and being harvested – affects the final result of the coloring.
In addition to determining the primary color of the season’s herbs, Miksohenna tests the results of blends in different proportions. The most popular are cassia henna, indigo henna and many others.
In addition, the herbs are tested with various non-coloring additives. These affect the shade you can get and often dramatically change the result of herbal coloring.

100% Indigofera tinctoria

The product is not tested on animals.


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