Pasieki Sadowskich Propolis 50 g


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Orchard Apiaries Propolis 50 g is an aromatic bee product great for fighting viruses. Propolis is a fragrant substance consisting of resin, waxes, essential oils (it is to them that it owes its beautiful scent!) pollen and bee secretions. The very goodness enclosed in a jar.

Properties of Orchard Apiaries propolis:

  • It has antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Used as a natural antibiotic.
  • For external use (you can lubricate yourself with small amounts of solution, for example).
  • Ideal for preparing a therapeutic propolis tincture or ointment with propolis*.
  • It has aromatherapeutic properties – its unique fragrance improves the mood!
  • Propolis tincture is used for stomach ailments (including stomach flu), sore throats (you can lubricate the throat with a stick soaked in the tincture), externally on wounds.

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Some tips for using propolis:

  • Propolis, like any natural bee product, can cause allergic reactions. Before application (oral, on the skin), we advise you to try a small amount of propolis to rule out sensitization.
  • In order to facilitate the removal of propolis from the jar, it is not filled to capacity. The jar contains 50 g of propolis.
  • *If you want to grind propolis, you need to freeze it beforehand and grind it frozen (warm propolis gets sticky).
  • Propolis stains heavily, so it is best to use a glass/teaspoon that can be destroyed.

    Sadowski’s Apiaries Propolis has 50 g .

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