Phlov FACE IT TOGETHER Advanced Facial Massage Kit.


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Phlov FACE IT TOGETHER Advanced facial massage kit, or PRO level care.

The stone rolled over the skin of the face acts as a massage, improves microcirculation and promotes lymph drainage. It increases skin elasticity and corrects the oval of the face.

To maximize the effect keep the roller or Gua Sha in the refrigerator for a minimum of 15 minutes before the massage. The cold stone gives the skin a healthy, even tone and reduces the appearance of pores….

Before performing the massage, wash your face thoroughly and clean the roller.

Run the roller and Gua Sha over the skin in a relaxed motion. They should not be pressed too hard so as not to cause small bruises. Perform the massage every day, no longer than 10 minutes.

For massage, it is best to use oils, light creams or masks. PUMP UP THE BEAUTY mask or oils are ideal: FLOWER YOURSELF and VERY SUPPERBERY.

What is the difference between Gua Sha and Roller?

Both instruments are made of rose quartz, but have a completely different form and were created for different purposes. Rollers are quartz rollers that massage the face and improve circulation and lymph drainage. They are gentler than Gua Sha tiles and deal well with swelling. In addition, it supports the application of oils, masks and creams – accelerates their action by improving the penetration of active ingredients.

Gua Sha is a Chinese muscle massage method that has been adopted for facial care by Korean women. The plate not only stimulates circulation, but also provides a relaxing facial muscle massage that has a positive effect on wrinkle reduction.


Run the roller over the face in gentle movements from the inside out, repeating each movement several times.

1. neck and neckline – make long longitudinal movements from the clavicles upward.
2. USTA – with a small roller, make a circular motion around the mouth area starting just below the lower lip.
3. FACE OWAL – guide the larger roller in gentle movements from the center of the face outward making a movement from the nose, through the cheeks – up to the temples.
4. EYES – make a circular motion with a small roller from the corner of the eye across the upper eyelid and back over the skin under the eye.
5. forehead – roll the larger roller from the center of the forehead and guide it alternately left and right. Start from the eyebrows and guide the roller to the hairline.

Cleaning: In order for massagers to retain their properties and serve us well, they must be used and cleaned properly. Do not rinse them with hot water or immerse the massagers in it. It is also important not to clean them with chemicals. The quartz roller and plate can be gently wiped with a soft, damp cloth and then wiped dry.

Phlov FACE IT TOGETHER Advanced Facial Massage Kit is enclosed in a beautiful, elegant box.

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