Sadowski Apiaries Honey with pollen and propolis 1150g

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Sadowski’s Apiaries Honey with Pollen and Propolis 1150g is a creamed multifloral honey with the addition of bee pollen and propolis. It has the advantages of spring honey containing nectar from dandelions, acacia and rapeseed. It combines the best of the hive and smells and tastes like it too!

Properties of honey with pollen and propolis from Orchard Apiaries:

  • especially recommended prophylactically for daily immunity boosting and during seasonal infections
  • Pollen affects the lowering of blood cholesterol levels, prevents atherosclerosis, supports blood circulation and has a beneficial effect on liver function
  • Propolis has antibacterial activity, is considered a natural antibiotic
  • regular consumption of pollen provides vitamins that are often lacking in our daily food (pollen contains vitamins: A, B, E, P, pantothenic acid, biotin, mineral salts and biologically active substances
  • helps with inflammation and sore throat
  • helpful in treating upper respiratory tract and sinus infections
  • contains easily digestible simple sugars and a large amount of protein – ideal for athletes
  • Multi-flower honey contains 5% crushed pollen and 1% ground propolis

What is propolis?

Propolis is used by bees to seal the hive. What does it serve us for? We add it to honey to gain health-promoting properties! Propolis has a strong antibacterial effect, helping with upper respiratory tract infections, including bothersome sinus problems. Honey with propolis is the perfect way to get health locked in a jar!

People who are allergic to pollen should exercise caution.

Ingredients: 94% multifloral nectar honey, 5% bee pollen, 1% propolis

Sadowski Apiary Honey with pollen and propolis is 1150g.

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Natural bee honey undergoes crystallization. Honey can crystallize from a few days to a year depending on the species. You can return it to liquid form by heating it to 40 degrees Celcius. On a daily basis, however, protect it from sunlight and do not store it at temperatures higher than 18 degrees Celsius.

If you buy a larger supply of honey, store it in a cool and dark place, such as a cellar or pantry.

6 reviews for Sadowski Apiaries Honey with pollen and propolis 1150g

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    Arleta G.

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    Lukasz Z.

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    Miod w smaku jest dobry,a czy będą efekty zdrowotne to za wcześnie o tym mowic.

  4. Polish

    Marek K.

  5. Polish

    Cezary Pikula

    Cena taka sobie ale produkt 👍

  6. Polish

    Anna Zamroczynska

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