Sadowski’s Apiaries Herbal tea – From the forest – for rest – 30 g


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Sadowski’s Apieki herbal tea from the forest will help you relax after a long day.

A blend of selected herbs of the highest quality prepared by hand in a small Polish manufactory.

Rest infusion. It alleviates states of nervous tension. It helps to calm down before bedtime. It regulates the nervous and digestive systems. Elderberry flower, strawberry leaf and raspberry have a supportive effect on colds and coughs. Heather and primrose help with insomnia and anxiety. According to folk medicine, strawberry, elderberry, heather, raspberry and primrose have anti-inflammatory properties, strengthen the circulatory system and soothe the digestive system.

How does Sadowski’s Apieka herbal tea from the forest blend work?

  • Calms nervous tension,
  • makes it easier to fall asleep,
  • Supports with cold, cough,
  • Regulates the digestive system,
  • Strengthens the circulatory system.

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How to prepare the infusion FROM THE FOREST of the Sadowski Apiary?

ON THE HOT portion per cup

Pour boiling water (about 250ml) over a teaspoonful of dried fruit and steep covered for 5 minutes. Stir after brewing. You can sweeten with your favorite honey.

FOR COL D serving for a liter of herbal lemonade

Pour boiling water (250ml) over a heaping tablespoon of the dried fruit and steep covered for 15 minutes. When the essence cools, strain the herbs, add a tablespoon of honey, top up with cold water (750ml). The infusion tastes best well-chilled, and ice cubes can be added.

Daily intake: 3 cups

Consumption during pregnancy: no contraindications

Consumption while breastfeeding: no contraindications

Consumption by children: no contraindications

Herbal mixture FROM THE FOREST – 30 g

Ingredients: strawberry leaf, elderflower, heather flower, raspberry leaf, primrose flower.

Country of origin of the herbs: Poland


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