Sadowski’s Apiaries Honey with sea buckthorn 430g


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Creamy multifloral honey with sea buckthorn – the power of vitamins and trace elements added to natural honey. We enriched the multiflower honey with 2% freeze-dried sea buckthorn. Thanks to the freeze-drying process, sea buckthorn has retained all its nutritional value. The honey has a slightly sour, deep flavor and a beautiful orange color of sea buckthorn fruit.

Properties of honey with sea buckthorn:

  • Multi-flower honey is recommended for allergic diseases of the respiratory tract, such as atopic bronchial asthma or hay fever
  • simple sugars contained in multiflower honey (glucose and fructose), thanks to their easy assimilation by the body, are a valuable source of energy
  • the addition of sea buckthorn is up to 190 bioactive substances, including vitamins (C, A, E, F, K, P, B12), trace elements, amino acids, fatty acids, antioxidants and lipids
  • The vitamin C content of sea buckthorn is extremely high – about 500-1500mg of vitamin C in 100g of fruit, in addition, the fruit contains rutin, which sustains vitamin C in the body
  • sea buckthorn contains about 4-6 times more vitamin A and carotenoids than carrots, so we will effectively and reliably replenish vitamin A deficiencies
  • Sea buckthorn fruit stimulates the immune system, helps fight infections and microorganisms

The beautiful, deep color of sea buckthorn honey and the unique taste – all naturally, for health! Honey with sea buckthorn goes well with tea, salad dressings, dressings prepared cold. It can also be added as an accompaniment to meats and cheeses – highlighting them perfectly.

Ingredients: multifloral nectar honey 98%, freeze-dried sea buckthorn 2%

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