Soap Station Light Serum with 8% Vitamin C EVERYWHERE 30 ml (valid until 03/2023)

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Light frosted glass bottle with pipette

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Soap Station Light Serum with 8% Vitamin C is our answer to the needs of dry, graying, sagging and blemished skin. In this baby we have included not only the power of oils but also plant extracts and super moisturizing propanediol!

Propanediol is a vegetable glycol that has turbonavaporant functions in cosmetics. It makes the active ingredients better, faster and more deeply absorbed by the skin, and further relieves the pressure on the oil cosmetic.

Rosehip seed oil is rich in trans-retinoic acid, vitamins C and E. It wonderfully regenerates, firms, moisturizes and lightens discolorations. It’s a beautiful dark red oil that is also a great antioxidant.

Stable form of vitamin C ( ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate) is an innovative, fat-soluble, oil-based, stable form of vitamin C. It is a modern ester derivative of ascorbic acid. In the skin, it is easily converted to a biologically active form. properties of vitamin c: stimulates better blood supply to the skin, promotes collagen synthesis and affects skin firmness and elasticity, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, brightens the skin and affects the shallowing of wrinkles. The presence of ascorbic acid causes the regeneration of vitamin E.

Plum oil is a beautifully, marzipan-scented ingredient that is rich in oleic acid, linoleic acid and beta-carotene. Softens, moisturizes and has an antioxidant effect.

Chia oil, or chia seed oil, is an excellent antioxidant. The Ω-3 (ALA) and Ω-6 (LA) fatty acids contained in the oil help reduce the effects of oxidative stress in the skin. It accelerates skin regeneration, has an antibacterial effect and improves skin firmness.

Properties of chia oil:

Apple oil is a great source of sulfur for the care of gray, tired skin. It also supports collagen production.

Carrot seed oil is a rich source of vitamins and minerals and its greatest asset is that it contains a huge amount of beta-carotene, which makes the skin more elastic and evens out its color.

Bakuchi oil is a miracle of nature! It is a plant-based very safe retinoid that even at low concentrations gives amazing results. shows normalizing properties, slows down the destruction of elastin and collagen, fights free radicals. According to. bacuchiol research smooths wrinkles, reduces fine lines, eliminates hyperpigmentation and acne lesions with equal effectiveness to retinol, but without the side effects

Rosehip seeds extracted with supercritical carbon dioxide are a breakthrough in the field of plant extracts. The highly concentrated form has elasticizing, firming, revitalizing and strengthening properties. CO2 extract is a 100% natural total extract, which means that it contains in its composition all the lipophilic (fat-soluble) components that supercritical CO2 extraction manages to achieve.

Apple seed extract is a boactivity of B vitamins, vitamin C, AHA acids, phytoproteins, flavonoids, phenols. It has a protective effect on skin cells, antioxidant, stimulates epidermal renewal.

“All Clear” is a light serum with a beautiful sweet-citrus scent and an even more beautiful composition!

Packaging: light frosted glass bottle with pipette

Capacity: 30 ml

How to use: apply a small amount of serum to cleansed facial skin, gently rub in, avoiding the eye and lip areas.

Apply preferably in the evening.

Important! Before use, shake the bottle vigorously so that the two phases of the cosmetic mix.

For the most optimal effect, we recommend that you use the serum for at least 3 months.

The Station Light Serum Soap with 8% vitamin C has a capacity of 30 ml.

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Propanediol, Rosa Canina Seed Oil, Prunus Domestica Seed Oil, Salvia Hispanica Seed Oil, Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Pyrus Malus Seed Oil, Daucus Carota Sativa Seed Oil, Aqua, Glycerin, Parfum, Rosa Canina Fruit Extract, Psoralea Corylifolia Seed Oil, Pyrus Malus Fruit Extract, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate

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