Mydlarnia 4 Szpaki Natural Soy Candle – lemon 100 g

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Soy candle in glass. 100 g

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Soy candle – Pliszka will appeal to those who like fresh, joyful, stimulating aromas.A strong citrus note is combined here with citronella (or melissa oil) and mint. Together they form a fragrance composition reminiscent of the fantastically mood-enhancing aroma of Pumpkin Melissa soap.

The aroma of the candle is energizing and in no way tiring – thanks to the fact that the candle contains only natural essential oils, it smells subtle, delicate and sort of vibrant – there is no room for overwhelming, too intense artificiality. The mint perfectly breaks the acidity of the lemon and the sweetness of the citronella – it makes the composition refreshing, unpretentious and takes the right strength.

The soy wax on which the candle is based is natural, non-toxic and a great alternative to paraffin waxes. This is because paraffin is considered harmful – it can cause headaches, which are avoided with soy wax.

It is safe to use – soy candles can be burned in front of children or pregnant women, and they do not disturb pets. It is also biodegradable and efficient – burning up to 50% longer than traditional paraffin candles.


When burning the candle for the first time, allow the wax to melt evenly to the edge of the glass – this will avoid later “tunneling” of the candle.

It is worth remembering that the wick of the candle should always be trimmed to approx. 0.5 cm, as a wick that is too long can make the candle smoke excessively. It is best to smoke it from ca. 30 minutes to a maximum of 3-4 hours.

Excessive, prolonged smoking can shorten its life and cause excessive overheating of the wax.

Polish company Mydlarnia Cztery Szpaki.

Lemon essential oil – has an energizing, stimulating and mood-enhancing effect.

Melissa (citronella) essential oil – acts as a stress reliever, relaxant, relieves tension and can help relieve migraine headaches.

Peppermint essential oil – stimulates, energizes, improves mood and helps regulate the upper respiratory tract.

FUEL TIME: Approx. 30 hours

Vegan candle – a product created without the use of animal raw materials.



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