Your Natural Side Green Coffee Oil unrefined 10ml


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Green coffee oil is recommended for dry, problematic skin, reduced elasticity, mature skin and in the prevention of cellulite and stretch marks.

As an emollient, it helps reduce excessive water loss from the skin.

It is also used in the care of dry, damaged hair or nails and problematic scalp.

Polish company Your Natural Side.

As a substitute for cream  –apply a few drops directly to moistened skin all over the face, neck and décolleté, or spot. To enhance the effect, you can mix in your hand with your favorite floral water or with hyaluronic acid in the gel.

As a body “lotion” – apply the oil right after bathing! Option for lazy: to bath with warm water put 1-2 tablespoons of oil. Thin layer of oil will remain on your skin, after that prepared bath and you can rub or leave it to absorb. Add more power to the cream/lotion – mix oil with your favorite cream or lotion just before use, and then massage into the skin.

Enhance the effect of the cream / lotion – mix the oil in the palm of your hand with your favorite cream or lotion just before use, then massage into the skin

Hair mask – apply to dry hair moistened with water or aloe vera/hyaluron gel at least 20 minutes before shampooing, then wash hair with SLS-free shampoo. To get better results , leave oil for a night.

Protecting hair ends – to protect hair ends from harmful weather conditions and treatments (such as straightening) and improve their appearance, rub a few drops of oil into dry or wet hair ends

As a nail conditioner – massage a few drops of oil into nails and cuticles. In this way, you will rejuvenate, strengthen and moisturize damaged, brittle nails.

Ideal for care:

  • Mature skin with visible signs of aging
  • damaged skin, low elasticity
  • tired, gray skin
  • delicate skin of the neck and décolleté
  • skin affected by stretch marks or cellulite

Country of origin: Brazil

Form: liquid oil with a delicate herbal-sweet fragrance

Coffea Arabica Seed Oil (unrefined green coffee oil 100%)