Your Natural Side Peppermint Water 100ml


Your Natural Side Peppermint Water; 100ml

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Peppermint water has a purifying and refreshing effect. It soothes irritation and promotes skin regeneration.

Recommended for contaminated skin with overproduction of sebum, as well as for body parts with excessive sweating.

It cools and refreshes the skin. Ideal as a refreshing mist on hot days, or after exercise, and as a mouth freshener.

Polish company Your Natural Side.


Jako tonik / mgiełka do twarzy – rozpyl wodę bezpośrednio na skórę twarzy, dekoltu i szyi zaraz po zabiegu oczyszczania. Możesz również użyć wacika. Pozostaw do wchłonięcia, lub zaaplikuj wybrany olej. Dzięki swoim niezwykłym właściwościom, woda wzmocni jego działanie oraz sprawi, że olej szybciej się wchłonie

Jako dodatek do maseczek i peelingów – dodaj wodę kwiatową do przygotowywanej maseczki w proszku, lub peelingu tak, aby uzyskać odpowiednią konsystencję specyfiku oraz dodatkowo wzmocnić jego działanie

As a soothing compress for tired and swollen eyelids – soak a cotton ball in water, and then apply to the eyelids In such a simple way you will remove puffiness and traces of fatigue, and additionally moisturize and nourish the skin around the eyes. Zanim nałożysz kompres, możesz schłodzić wodę kwiatową w lodówce, aby uzyskać dodatkowo efekt chłodzenia

Jako odświeżająca mgiełka do ciała i włosów – rozpyl wodę bezpośrednio na skórę lub włosy w celu odświeżenia, nawilżenia lub odżywienia

Scalp preparation – rub water into scalp before or after shampooing

Refreshing preparation for feet and areas with excessive sweating

Cooling body mist for hot days and after exercise

Soothing preparation for burns and insect bites

hair to soothe irritated scalp


It has a purifying and refreshing effect. Ideal for problematic, polluted skin prone to blackheads and acne (including rosacea).

It reduces sebum production. It reduces the visibility of pores without clogging them.

Applied to parts with excessive sweating (hands, feet, armpits, back), it prevents the multiplication of bacteria responsible for unpleasant odor, leaving a pleasant feeling of refreshment.

Soothes sunburn, insect bites, itching and redness of the skin. Reduces puffiness around the eyes.

It perfectly refreshes the skin, providing a cooling effect. Ideal for hot days, as well as after any physical activity. It can be used for hot flashes during menopause, or for cold compresses when there is a fever.

Regularly rubbed into the scalp, it refreshes the hair, prevents excessive oiliness and strengthens and stimulates hair follicles for growth.

Recommended for steam inhalation in case of nasal passage obstruction. It has exceptional aromatherapeutic properties. The extremely fresh aroma of peppermint stimulates the work of the mind, helps to maintain concentration and alertness.

It alleviates headache and muscle pain.

Used as a mouthwash, it inhibits the growth of bacteria, freshens breath and relieves symptoms of gingivitis.

Country of origin: Bulgaria

Form: water with a fresh mint fragrance


  • cleansing
  • soothing
  • mitigating
  • odświeżające
  • stimulating
  • regenerating


Peppermint (Mentha Piperita) Hydrolate (Peppermint Hydrolate 100%)


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