Your Natural Side White clay 75 g


100% natural clay. Glass jar.

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White clay is one of the most delicate clays.

White clay contains numerous trace elements, mineral salts – such as aluminum, silicon, calcium, iron, potassium and sodium, for example.

It is used in the care of dry, delicate skin with dilated pores, as well as mature skin with visible signs of aging, in need of firming, also in hair care.

It helps to gently cleanse the skin and supports its natural renewal processes.


How can you use clay?

  • As a face or body mask – mix a portion of the clay with your favorite oil (a few drops) and your favorite floral water, mix until you get the consistency of a paste, apply to approx. 15 minutes, then wash off. In the meantime, spray the skin with vegetable water to prevent the mask from drying completely.
  • As poultices – pour the clay into a glass vessel, pour fresh water so that it covers the clay completely. Then stir the mixture with a wooden spatula. Place the dish near a heat source before use. Apply the heated clay poultice to selected parts of the body.
  • for the bath – pour 100 g of clay into the bathtub and pour warm water over it
  • To brush your teeth – dip a wet toothbrush into the powder. Brush your teeth and gums as you would with regular toothpaste. Apply ad hoc.
  • As a scalp scrub – mix: 10 g of clay with shampoo or conditioner and give your scalp a gentle massage, wash off with shampoo.

Ideal for care:

  • dry and delicate skin
  • mature with signs of aging
  • in need of regeneration and nourishment

Country of origin: France

Form: b powder with neutral odor

100 g glass container

Kaolin (white clay 100%)


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