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Phlov by Anna Lewandowska in the UK

Ania Lewandowska is undoubtedly one of the most famous Polish women. You can be on Team Choda or Team Lewandowska, but you have to give it to both ladies for moving us off the couch. At first, the trainers were known precisely because of their workouts for women and beyond. Over time, both have moved on, though today let’s focus on Ania.

A healthy lifestyle is not only about sports, but also about diet and how we take care of ourselves and our bodies. She understands this and has consistently sought to create projects that would allow our countrywomen to live healthier and better lives on many levels. That’s why she first came up with Food by Ann, which you’ll also get from us, to then fulfill her big dream of a cosmetics brand that is healthy, vegan, natural and, above all, uncompromising in quality. This is how Phlov by Anna Lewandowska (read: Flō) was born.

Natural care without compromise

In designing these high-quality cosmetics, Lewandowska was helped by Justyna Żukowska-Bodnar, who is also responsible for the success of the Alkmie brand. It is under her leadership that Phlov nurtures values such as environmental care, multi-tasking of cosmetics and high intensity of natural active ingredients in formulas.

Ingredients you’ll find in products from Anna Lewandowska include. SLIMASTEVIA®, FISION® PENTA FRUIT V, KOMBUCHKA™, Easyliance®, NaturePep® Quinoa, Sensityl™.

Not only are the cosmetics eco, the packaging is also created in the spirit of less waste, with care for the planet.
What about Phlov can you find at Duni?
The brand has an assortment of both face, body and hair care products, as well as interesting accessories, such as a facial massager and soft cotton face towels.

After a workout with Anna, a lotion to amplify the effects of the workout or a lotion with lipo-transformation technology that reduces the growth of fat tissue thickness will come in handy.

You can also find quite a large collection of vegan perfumes from Phlov.

And if you like a glow effect on your skin, then SUNNY PEARL will definitely appeal to you.