Natural Secrets Sea Buckthorn Oil 100ml


Glass bottle with pipette. 100ml

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Natural Secrets Sea Buckthorn Oil is cold-pressed sea buckthorn seed oil, which shows strong regenerating, smoothing and firming effects. It strengthens capillaries and helps rebuild the epidermal barrier.

Sea buckthorn oil has an antioxidant effect, when used systematically it helps reduce signs of aging, evens out skin tone and makes the complexion look healthy and radiant. Sea buckthorn is rich in B vitamins, vitamins C, E, K, P, folic acid, carotenoids (which give it its orange color), flavonoids, phospholipids, tannins, sugars, organic acids, micro and macro elements (iron, manganese, boron and others).

Coumarins present in the oil strengthen blood vessels and improve blood flow, while urosolic and oleic acids have anti-inflammatory, strengthening effects and promote wound healing. The color of the oil is intensely orange, making it advisable to mix it with another base oil or as an additive to other skin care products.

Apply a small amount of oil to the face, neck or entire body. Then gently massage into the skin. The product does not require dilution.

Natural Secrets Sea Buckthorn Oil you can, also add to your favorite cream, massage into your cuticles or apply to your hair before washing.

Product performance:

    • strongly nourishes
    • evens out the color
    • accelerates the healing of wounds and burns
    • intensively regenerates and soothes irritation
    • strengthens blood vessels
    • has an anti-inflammatory effect
    • has an antioxidant, anti-aging effect

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Hippophaë rhamnoides fruit oil (Seabuckthorn Oil)


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