Nested Massage or facial cleansing brush made of goatskin- gentle


Wooden facial massage brush.

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One hundred percent natural brush for gentle massage or facial cleansing made of light as fluff chamois.

Extremely gentle when washing your face with your favorite soap or gel. The natural bristles are ideal even for sensitive skin- they will not irritate it, and will thoroughly wash the pores. The natural smell of chamois during washing is not a drawback of the product.
A gentle massage will not only stimulate the lymphatic system and improve the blood supply to the skin of the face and neck, improving the circulation of nutrients, but most importantly, by regulating the circulation of blood in these areas in people with circulation problems, it will avoid many health problems.
So it will help eliminate, for example, dizziness, migraines, neuralgia, as well as improve your mood and wonderfully stimulate you.
Gentle facial scrubbing with a brush is less sensitive to the face than, for example, chemical treatments, does not dehydrate the skin, and does not introduce foreign substances into the skin.

Performed daily, facial massage improves the functionality of facial muscles, prevents excessive fat loss and its unfavorable migration, so it can be openly written that it is also a rejuvenating treatment.


– smooths the skin

– firms up

– helps maintain a young, fresh appearance

– evens out the color

– accelerates skin regeneration


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