Your Natural Side Carrot Seed Oil 10ml


Your Natural Side Carrot Seed Oil; 10ml

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Carrot seed oil is suitable for all skin types, mainly mature, dry and problematic skin.

It is especially recommended for those exposed to prolonged sun exposure.

It can also be used for hair, which it will regenerate. It will also be great for nails- strengthen and nourish the nail plate.

Polish company Your Natural Side.


As a substitute for cream – Apply a few drops directly to moistened skin all over the face, neck and décolleté, or spot on. To enhance the effect, you can mix in your hand with your favorite floral water or with hyaluronic acid in the gel.

As a body lotion – apply oil to damp skin, it helps in its absorption. Option for lazy: to bath with warm water put 1-2 tablespoons of oil. Thin layer of oil will remain on your skin, after that prepared bath and you can rub or leave it to absorb. Add more power to the cream/lotion – mix oil with your favorite cream or lotion just before use, and then massage into the skin.

Add more power to the cream/lotion – mix oil with your favorite cream or lotion just before use, and then massage into the skin.

Hair mask – apply to dry, moistened with water or aloe / hyaluronic gel hair at least 20 minutes before washing, and then wash your hair with shampoo without SLS . To get better results , leave oil for a night.

To protect hair ends – to regenerate and protect the hair tips from harmful weather conditions, tangles and treatments (such as straightening), rub a small amount of oil into dry or wet hair ends.

As a nail conditioner – a few drops of oil massage in your nails and cuticle. In this way, you will rejuvenate, strengthen and moisturize damaged, brittle nails.


It maintains the proper degree of hydration of the hair and the stratum corneum of the skin, prevents excessive water loss and restores the proper functioning of the water and lipodynamic economy, making it suitable for dehydrated skin, as well as with excessive sebum production.

It is a true wealth of retinol (vitamin A), as well as B, PP, C, H, K and E vitamins, to which it owes its strong anti-aging properties, increases firmness and elasticity, and visibly reduces even deep wrinkles.

It is safe for the sensitive skin around the eyes.

It is a natural specific that protects against the harmful effects of UV radiation (carrot root macerate does not have these properties).

It has a much higher SPF rating than jojoba oil, avocado oil or shea butter, comparable to the SPF of raspberry seed oil, but the exact value is not known.

It contains beta – , alpha – and gamma – carotene, thanks to which it significantly accelerates the tanning process of the skin, giving it a natural golden glow. Reduces the risk of skin cancer.

Natural retinol (vitamin A), supports the regeneration processes of the skin and hair, accelerates the healing of psoriasis, eczema, acne scars, pimples and minor wounds.

Visibly improves skin tone and eliminates discoloration and sun spots.

Strengthens nails and prevents them from splitting, when applied to hair it regenerates them deeply without weighing them down, has a repairing effect on ends damaged by styling and chemical treatments.

Country of origin: Poland

Form: liquid oil with a characteristic woody-earthy sweet smell and a color ranging from amber to orange-brown


  • moisturising
  • protecting
  • regenerating
  • mitigating
  • anti aging


Daucus Carota (Carrot Tissue) Oil; (Carrot seed oil unrefined 100%).


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